Customizable Accounting Software Solutions

The products offered by TAO Consultants meet a wide variety of business requirements as well as budget concerns. SAGE Pro and AccountMate product lines can be purchased with source code so you are able highly customize the software in order to meet your particular business operations requirements with custom software. Additionally, both products, Sage Pro and AccountMate have a number of add-on integration products from which to choose.

Please review the descriptions below and contact us for an estimate of product cost. Clicking on the logo of each company will take you to their website.

Custom Accounting Software


Sage Pro ERP is the world’s leading supplier of modifiable multi-user database and custom accounting software, serving more than 250,000 users in 60 countries. TAO Consultants, Inc. has been a reseller of ACCPAC accounting products since 1987 and over the years has committed considerable resources toward achieving success in this area of our business.

Formerly known as SBT, ACCPAC was the perfect choice for custom accounting products to offer our clients. We chose ACCPAC for several reasons:

  • Source code availability
  • Full functionality in a module-based system written in both xBase and SQL formats, two popular programming standards
  • Complete range of custom accounting product offerings suitable for the small business owner as well as any Fortune 500 corporation
  • Well-established community of third-party custom software accounting solutions and add-ons for customizing your system to your needs
  • High quality education and training for resellers and end users
  • The first accounting software to offer Internet interface

You might want to view the End-to-End Business Management brochure for a closer look at the ACCPAC product line. Review the Pro Series Applications brochure for a detailed look at the features and specifications of each application module.


Visual AccountMate/SQL Version
AccountMate offers Visual AccountMate/SQL, a leading-edge custom software package that combines the full functionality of their award-winning, Visual AccountMate system with the power of Microsoft’s SQL Server . . . at an incredible user-friendly price. Not only is MS SQL recognized as the fastest-growing database in the world, it offers Visual AccountMate/SQL users enhanced investment protection for the long haul with superior scalability, up-time performance, better data security and easier E-commerce implementation.

Visual AccountMate/SQL is targeted to a wide spectrum of medium- to large-sized businesses, taking advantage of the speed of client/server technology, Seagate’s Crystal Reports writer and the latest productivity-enhancing tools from Microsoft’s BackOffice suite of products.

Visual AccountMate/LAN Version
AccountMate’s Visual AccountMate/LAN is an award-winning custom accounting software solution that fulfills the needs of small- to mid-sized businesses. Written from the ground up in 32-bit Visual FoxPro object-oriented code, this custom accounting software can be modified quickly and easily to fit the way you like to do business.

Visual AccountMate/LAN offers a wealth of powerful features such as multilingual capability, transaction rollback, drill down analysis and graphical presentations of inventory items you want your customers to see. VAM/LAN is extremely user-friendly, with a short and easy learning curve specially suited to today’s fast-paced environment.

Also available for Visual AccountMate software is a large selection of custom accounting software applications to suit your specific, customized needs. Again, if the customization your business requires is not available in-house, we can provide the programming support to fit those needs.

This AccountMate brochure will give you additional information.