Internet Specialists, Web Developers and Accounting Solution Providers

Mission Statement

TAO Consultants, Inc., founded in 1982, is dedicated to meeting the computer needs of businesses and individuals by offering high quality internet and computer consulting.

Our purpose is to help companies create an environment where productivity skills and efficiency will be rewarded by corporate and individual success.

Our business model focuses on providing support to businesses and individuals with the computer tools and services they need to meet their goals with the best products and services we can offer and present the appropriate corporate message online.

Our belief is that an educated employee with enhanced skills and the tools to do the job will allow a company to realize profits and give our communities the support required to grow and thrive.

Our goal is to over-deliver to every client for every service or product offered.


TAO Consultants, Inc. was established in 1982 by Chesa Keane consulting to dealers of MAI Basic Four minicomputer systems. As technology changed and desktop PCs, laptops, LANs, wireless computing and the Internet emerged, TAO Consultants’ business model evolved into application specialists, focusing primarily on business accounting solutions, web design and development,  internet promotion on the web, and reputation management online.

We accept major credit cards: